Arisia Shirts Over The Years

Photos of Arisia Sales and Volunteer Shirts

0. Generic Lens shirt. Sold multiple years. Modified version of 1990 Sales Shirt with stars replacing the year. Artwork © A.C. Farley based upon generic lens design by Jennie Drysdale and Marshall Ellis. Production by Wayne Ellis. (ALens.jpg)

00. Glow-in-the-dark Lens Shirt. Artwork © A.C. Farley. (AStars.jpg/None in archive.).

1. A'90 Sales. Artwork © A.C. Farley based upon generic lens design by Jennie Drysdale and Marshall Ellis. (A90Sales.jpg/None in archive).

2. A'90 Volunteer Shirt. Artwork © Kim Van Auken. (A90Team.jpg)

3. A'91 Sales Shirt. Artwork © Bob Walters. Production by Silver Screen Designs. Shirt was yellow to look like a brightly lit moon surface. (A91Sales.jpg)

4. A'91 Volunteer. Design ©91 Jennie Drysdale based on a concept by Wayne Ellis. Production by Wayne. (A91Team.jpg/None in archive.)

5. A'92 Sales. Representation of Menolly, design ©1991 Robin Wood, design reworked by Jennie Drysdale. This shirt sold like hotcakes. Production by Silver Screen. (A92Sales.jpg/None in archive).

6. A'92 Volunteer. Artwork ©James Fountas aka 'Jim from Lynn who used to run the chocolate party'. (None in archive.)

6a. A'92 ditto.

7. A'93 Shirt. Artwork © 1992 Charles Lang. (A93.jpg)

8. A'93 Volunteer. Design © Christina Willrich. (A93Team.jpg/None in archive).

9. A'94 Sales. 'The Tax Collector', art © Michael Whelan. (A94Sales.jpg/None in archive).

10. A'94 Volunteer shirt. Unknown artist. Castle reference is because the Park Plaza Castle was used for the main tent. (A94Team.jpg)

11. A'95, Planned to be the sales shirt, however used as volunteer shirt instead. Artist Jael. (A95Sales.jpg)

12. A'95, planned to be the volunteer shirt. However every shirt had the 'Arisia Special Teams' printed on back instead of only a run of 25. So the red shirt was given to sales and blue to volunteers. Didn't sell very well. Artist Jael. (A95Team.jpg, A95TeamBack.jpg)

13. A'96 Sales. Art © Lissanne Lake. Production by Wayne Ellis. (A96Sales.jpg)

14. A'96 Volunteer. Artist Lissanne Lake ©1992. Year was not put on shirt as 'no one asked and designer thought that was deliberate'. Production by Wayne Ellis. (A96Team.jpg, A96TeamBack.jpg)

15. A'97 Sales, Art © Bob Eggleton. Production by Wayne Ellis. (A97.jpg)

16. ditto. (A97b.jpg)

17. ditto. (A97c.jpg)

18. A'97 Volunteer. Artwork © Kim Van Auken. Production Wayne Ellis. (A97Team.jpg)

19. A'98 Sales. Design ©Cortney Skinner. Production Wayne Ellis. (A98Sales.jpg)

20. A'98 Volunteer, Art © Kim Van Auken. Design was left-over from unused '97 design since A'97 chair it was reported disliked cats. Production Wayne Ellis. (A98Team.jpg)

21. A'99 Sales. Design © Gary Lippincott. (A99Sales.jpg)

22. A'99 Volunteer. Design © Gary Lippincott. (A99Team.jpg)

23. A'00 Sales. Artist Tom Kidd. (A00Sales.jpg)

24. A'00 Volunteer. Artist Rachel E. Mello (A00Team.jpg)

25. A'01 Sales. Artist Wojtek Siudmak. (A01Sales.jpg/None in archive).

26. A'01 Volunteer. Design © Bob Eggleton. (A01Team.jpg/None in archive).

The volunteer brown T-shirt with the silver ink echoes the Vorkosigan house colors of brown with silver trim which is worn by the staff in the Miles books written by Lois McMaster Bujold, the A'01 Author GOH.

27. A'02 Sales. Art ©Tristan Alexander. (A02Sales.jpg/None in archive.)

28. A'02 Volunteer. Art ©Kim van Auken. (A02Team.jpg)

29. A'03 Sales. Artist Victoria Poyser. (A03Sales.jpg)

30. A'03 Department Head Gift Shirt (not the volunteer shirt). (A03TeamPolo.jpg)

31. A'03 Volunteer. Design © Jacob Lefton. (A03Team.jpg/None in archive.)

32. A'04 Sales. Design © Arthur Ganson. (A04Sales.jpg/None in archive.)

33. A'04 Volunteer. Design © Kimberly S. Van Auken. (A04Team.jpg/None in archive).

34. A'05 Sales. Design © John Picacio. (A05Sales.jpg/None in archive.)

35. A'05 Volunteer. Artist John Picacio. (A05Team.jpg/None in archive.)

35a. Ditto.

36. A'06 Sales. Artist Frank Wu © 2006. (A06Sales.jpg)

37. A'06 Volunteer. Artist Jacob Lefton. (A06Team1.jpg)

38. ditto (A06Team2.jpg)

39. A'07 Sales. (A07Sales.jpg/None in archive).

40. A'07 Embroidered Sales. Artist Hilary Scott. (A07Polo.jpg)

41. A'07 Volunteer. Artist Erica Shultz. (A07Team.jpg)

42. A'08 Sales. None in archive.

43. A'08 Volunteer. Artist rumored to be Mouse. (A08Team.jpg)

44. A'09 Sales. Artist Dave Seeley. (A09Sales.jpg)

44a. A'09 Embroidered Polo. Artist Dave Seeley. (A09SalesPolo.jpg)

45. A'09 Volunteer. Artist Mouse. (A09Team1.jpg)

46. ditto. (A09Team2.jpg)

47. ditto. (A09Team3.jpg)

48. ditto. (A09Team4.jpg)

49. A'10 Embroidered Sales. Artist Sarah Clemens. (A10PoloA.jpg)

50. ditto. (A10PoloB.jpg)

51. ditto. (A10PoloC.jpg)

52. A'10 Sales. Artist Sarah Clemens. (A10Sales.jpg)

53. A'10 Volunteer, first multi-color volunteer shirt in years. Artist Carsten Turner. (A10Team1.jpg)

55. Green version. (A10Team2.jpg)

54. Black-on-black was a printing mistake (the order was supposed to be more tech shirts). (A10Team2.jpg)

56. A'10 Tech Shirt. Black-on-black. (A10Tech.jpg).

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